NEWS 2018/10/11

バンダイナムコアクセラレータ 2018で優秀賞を受賞しました

弊社、株式会社マインド・アーキテクトはバンダイナムコホールディングス、及び01Boosterが主催する「バンダイナムコアクセラレータ 2018」(2018年10月3日 最終選考会開催)にて優秀賞を受賞しました。

「バンダイナムコアクセラレータ 2018」




Mind Architect Inc. received the Grand Award at Bandai Namco Accelerator 2018

Mind Architect Inc. received the Grand Award at "Bandai Namco Accelerator 2018" (The final presentation on October 3rd, 2018), sponsored by Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. and a leading corporate accelerator 01Booster.

"Bandai Namco Accelerator 2018"

Mind Architect Inc. has its business domain in the development of system/software that utilizes Machine Learning (AI).

Our proposal was to build a new system that 'gamifies' cumbersome pre-processing works for creating training data, the process that is essential for the further development of AI in every industry.

Mind Architect Inc. will work closely with Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. and 01Booster for the development of the new innovative product.